3 Day 2 Nights Goa Sightseeing Tour For Ultimate Rejoice
3 Day 2 Nights Goa Sightseeing Tour For Ultimate Rejoice

3 Day 2 Nights Goa Sightseeing Tour For Ultimate Rejoice

fourselyflourseyGoa has always been associated with sailing river cruises on blue clear waters, striking shacks, sumptuous seafood, interesting water sports, and sun-kissed pristine beaches rife with swaying palm trees. Two other ingredients that make Goa the most preferred destination for tourists both nationally and globally are its exuberant nightlife, farmer’s markets, etc. A 3-day Goa sightseeing tour plan helps you to understand the Goan culture.

But how to make the most of the place when you are making a Goa trip plan for 3 days?

The Right Time To Make Your Plans For Goa Sightseeing Tour

A winter month is a perfect season to enjoy Goa. The weather during winter is usually pleasant and agreeable. It insists the tourists indulge in invigorating water sports and other thrilling beach to-dos. Goa’s top festivals like the enlivening and most popular Sunburn festival followed by Christmas and New Year are observed with much pomp and grandeur and are your answer to ‘how to plan a Goa sightseeing tour for 3 days.

It is also the time when tourists flock from all countries and states to feel the beach vibes here. The monsoon season on the other hand is the best place to enjoy the beaches, as it looks divine. Based on your budget, preferences, and liking, you can select one of the customized Goa local tour packages that fit your need.

Know Interesting Things To Do In Goa 

Here are some of the best things to do in goa that you must indulge yourself. In Goa, you can experience entertainment and adrenaline-filled adventure. Here you can participate in gambling and dancing in its happening night pubs.

  • Indulge in the Fun-Filled and Adventurous Water Sports

You are missing out on major fun in Goa if you skip out on trying its water sports. Famous water sports that you can try are jet skiing, Kayaking, white water rafting, kneeboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving. If you have the zeal to explore Goa’s waters, then there are endless options waiting for you. At the Vagator, Candolim, Colva, Baga, and Calangute beaches you can get enormous fun.

  • Cruising Through The Calm And Soothing Waters

For those looking forward to a romantic evening cruising experience on the Mandovi River, get in touch with your tour operator. Tourists enjoy traveling on a cruise and get able to take a photograph of striking sunset views. You can also expect certain cruises to organize Goanese dance, music, dinner, cultural shows, and programs.

  • Satiating Your Hunger For Fun With Goan Nightlife

Let not your 3 days Goan itinerary be solely about its beaches and water activities. Save one of your nights to spend at one of the Goan night parties. Goa’s luxurious natural beauty becomes more beautiful if you sip on chilled beer sitting at a pub, lounge, shack, or even a club. These places also serve some authentic and must-try cocktails and seafood. Unleash your party animal and go experience the most talked about Goan nightlife.

Goa’s Most-Loved Destinations That You Must See

Goa is replete with fascinating destinations that are worth your visit. Here are some of the must-see places in Goa in 3 days that you can consider.

  • North and South Goa Beaches: Soaking Goan Essence

Goa is incomplete without its postcard-perfect beaches. Goan beaches aren’t only stupefying but are the perfect places to unwind after a long week. Here you can enjoy sunbathing or participate in some of the most popular water sports there. In a three-day tour, you can consider planning half of the day for sightseeing and taking long walks across the beaches.

Goan beaches are the major attraction of your Goa tour. Some of the famous beaches are Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Colva beach, Candolim beach, Baga beach, and Calangute beach. Feel here yourself very close to nature, away from the crowd of bustling life, enjoy the beach shacks, and indulge in on-water adventure.

  • Basilica Of Bom Jesus: Marvel At Goan Architecture

The basilica of Bom Jesus dates back to 1605 and is Goa’s most popular hotspot for tourists. This enthralling structure is also coined as Old Goa Church and remains to be one of the oldest. Old Goa Church is famous for its oldest structure. Intricately designed structure, the spellbinding frescos, resplendent stonework, and Dom Martin Basilica Bom of Jesus’ enticing works make it special.

  • Fort Aguada: Revive Goa’s Rich And Vibrant History

Fort Aguada is a must-visit place. Most travelers prefer this place for traveling. Sitting pretty by the beautiful Candolim beach, this fort is an ancient structure owned initially by the Portuguese which is said to have been given shape to protect the Portuguese community from both Dutch and Maratha invaders.

Since a freshwater spring is situated inside the fort premises, it was given the name Aguada which translates to water. Right after Bollywood’s famous movie; Dil Chahta Hai’s shooting at this fort, the place started drawing a huge crowd of tourists.

  • Saturday Night Market: Collect Souvenirs And Stop By Goan Crafts

Arpora’s night market opened every Saturday. It is a must see place if you are a shopaholic. The marketplace thrives with locals and tourists who walk to the market either to explore trendy outfits, pre-possessing ornaments, accessories, leather items, and gypsy boxes but also to savor Goan delicacies at the food stalls that line the market. Make the most of your stay in Goa by visiting this place.

  • Dudhsagar Falls: Enjoy A Fun Photography Session

Dudhsagar Falls secure its position as the 5th largest waterfall in the country. The waterfall shares proximity with Kulem and is characterized by a cascade of admirable sights. The waterfall is just 60 km from the state and allows you to get all praise by looking at the mesmerizing sight of milky-white water gushing down in myriad layers amidst verdant greenery.

To be able to make the most of your visit to the Dudhsagar falls, consider sparing at least half of your day there, appreciating nature’s beauty, photographing the surroundings, and having a relaxing time with your loved ones.

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