5 Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

5 Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Email marketing shares the highest ROI of around 3000%. Thus, you can undoubtedly convert maximum leads down the lane if you have the best available technologies. Increased profits mean increased revenue figures and growth. Email marketing helps you earn £100 on every £1 investment. However, the ROI gets impacted if you do not convert the expected ratio.

Your business and growth suffer because of this. It is the reason that many small business owners prioritise eliminating any such grave circumstances by checking out different loan products in the UK market for their situations. Start-ups, in their initial days, need help to ensure the best technological interface and thus resort to bad credit loans to fund the purchase.

These emerge as a practical solution amid limited cash reserve and visibility in the market. You must leverage the best email marketing techniques to improve visibility and interact with new customers in the most impactful way. If you have tried and tested the same to no avail, the blog exposes you to some new email marketing techniques to improve conversion rates in 2023.

How To Convert More Prospects with Creative Email Marketing Solutions?

The primary struggles and concerns of businesses and marketers are- converting first-time buyers into regular purchasers. It implies that your email marketing needs an update. It would help if you had a clear purpose before regulating an email. Here are some email marketing techniques to improve conversion rates in 2023.

1)     Design a personalised email

How many emails do you go through in a day?  The number is, at most, 4.  Why?  Honestly, no reader or prospect is a fan of a corporate write-up.

It would certainly not help your revenue figures.  The emails must come directly from your mouth or the company.  Check out the scope for interacting to encourage an immediate response from the reader.

Some brands adopt awesome templates that deliver half the message without using words.  And an email that says a lot converts well.  You can make it enjoyable with a simple format without heavy images.  It is just a wordplay you need to master.  Always address the person by their name along with a catchy subject line.

2)     Storytelling

Are you familiar with the strategy to engage 8 out of 10 readers with the first email?  It is none other than storytelling.

A well-written narratives appeal to readers more.  What you can say in 500 words, storytelling helps you explain your points engagingly along with cleverly increasing the word limit.  Apart from that, if you want to promote your product or services within the email, you must strategically add the Call to action (CTA).

You must hook the reader with the very first statement.  If you could get them there, you would receive a follow-up call or reply on the same email.  The strange part is that you can draw the customer or the reader with a compelling story that has nothing to do with the product and services.  Isn’t it magical?

3)     Set up automated campaigns or response

As a human, you cannot concentrate on a million things. And that’s a fact. How about having a quick norm to regulate every response that you receive?

How about answering the query the very moment the prospect emails? You can do so with automated campaigns. You must lead amid high competition and too many vendors for the customers to walk up to. Otherwise, you may lose a potential lead that could benefit your business.

What if you receive a query while you are deep in dreams? It is imperative to switch to the new-found and leading automatic interface to regulate automated response. If you are short on funds and want to take advantage of the opportunity, loans for bad credit to get around pound 10000 can help.

The financial product is the best way to ensure the needful and get opportunist. With leading and high-end software beside you, you can convert as many passive and active customers easily with quick responses. So, whether you are deep asleep, your conversions rise.

You can either use the available or set the replies manually as per your audience’s behaviour. It would help them engage on a personal level with you. And if you have reactions lined up, you can schedule these emails for a particular day using email scheduling platforms.

4)     Your subject lines must hit the right psychological node

Nearly 67% of emails go unopened. Why? The regular subject lines do not attract the receiver. It should be compelling enough for the reader to open up immediately. A great subject line packs emotions and emojis to reflect a clear idea for the reader. Here are some ways to create power-packed subject lines for your emails.

  • Introduce a FOMO factor in your mail- It could be anything like- discounts, freebies,
  • Exclusive designs at excellent prices- “ONLY 2 LEFT!! HURRY UP! OR ELSE YOU MISS!”
  • Arouse their curiosity by releasing a fact- “: A new product, “x” slashed iPhone sales by 70%.
  • Include the controversial statement- “You must have never seen anything like that.”
  • Awake greed about something or the best sellers- “Don’t miss a sale like this! Get 65% discounts on your favourite winter apparel.”

5)     Prune up your email subscriber list

While you may not believe it, most subscribers are inactive if you hardly send newsletters often. It is okay to have something familiar to talk about only sometimes, and genuine brand customers understand this. Thus, your job is to identify the passive ones in your email list and remove these from receiving any further mail from you.

The reason is simple- you cannot sell to someone least interested. It is okay to lose the connection amid the brewing brands every day. If you still want them back, run a re-engagement email campaign. Select your list of people who have not contacted you in the past 6 months. Re-market to them with something out of the blue. If they remember bleakly, they will re-connect. Apart from this, the below steps will help:

  • Identify bounced email addresses
  • Ensure your emails are not going to spam
  • Verify and validate your email list ahead of Christmas. Sell only to the interested ones.

Bottom line

The basic formula to track email conversion rate is:
[ No. of purchases / No. of total recipients] x 100

These email marketing techniques to improve conversion rates in 2023 may help you optimise your subsequent emails.

Analyse your emails and decide which type of email converts the best. Avoid being promotional every time. Arrange a series of emails wherein you can experiment with multiple forms, like- talking about something that your prospects love, being acquainted with the trends, help them seek answers to the most search questions they may have. Rest, keep track of updates and grow your business successfully.

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