8 Steps To Simplify Your Event Registration
8 Steps To Simplify Your Event Registration

8 Steps To Simplify Your Event Registration

Event registration is the first step that your audience takes to become part of your event, so make sure you make the process of event registration easy and convenient for them. You can find different platforms that allow users to register for the event. There are various different ways in which you can encourage your users to register for your event. But to make the process of registration easy either you can choose an event platform that offers registrations or you can use smart solutions for the events like using WhatsApp for the registration. 

Steps To Simplify Event Registration 

1. Online Registration Through Whatsapp 

Allowing online registrations for in-person events can simplify the process of registration. Whatsapp business automation can help organizers allow users to register for the event through WhatsApp, they can register by using WhatsApp, and they will get the digital ticket on the same platform.

Another best thing about using WhatsApp for event registration is that you can allow your audience to make the payment on the same platform. Whatsapp for event registration is becoming popular in the industry. When you allow your audience to register on the platform they don’t have to switch between different platforms. WhatsApp for Event Tickets is also crucial. 

2. Multiple Payment Option 

Offering different payment options is essential. No matter what kind of smart event platform you are using to host your on-ground event, it should allow different payment options. Having a variety of payments can help your audience make payments easily. Don’t just offer variety in banks but also in payment options like a credit card, debit card, and UPI payment. And if you are hosting an event that caters to a wide range of audiences from different nationalities then you will need a payment system that accepts foreign cards. 

And make sure the platform that you are using is sure for making payments as the whole payment process of your event will involve a lot of sensitive banking data, make sure to check the privacy policy of the platform. 

3. Microsite 

Another way you can make the process of registration easy for your attendees is through microsites. You can build an event microsite for registration. These microsites can be customized and you can do the branding of your event with these microsites. 

The event microsite that you will build for the registration process should be secure and allow you to make payments for the event easily. Provide all the necessary details like the date of the event, the time of the event, and mention the venue of the event in case of an in-person and hybrid event. Ask attendees to submit data like name and phone number for the process of registration and add a tracking id to your microsite that you can track your uses on the microsite.

4. Mobile Friendly 

Make sure you offer mobile-friendly registration to your users so that your user can register for the event easily from anywhere they want, even when they are traveling or stuck in traffic. Today a lot of people use mobile phones, and almost every person has a smartphone, so it becomes crucial to make the process f registration mobile friendly.

And check the interface of your registration microsite and registration form on the mobile. See how your registration form looks in the mobile interface and if everything appears on the screen, check if all the features are visible and working for mobile devices, and make the interface as mobile-friendly as it can be. 

5. Provide Robust Customer Support 

To make the registration process more seamless, provide robust customer support. Your users may need customer support during the process of registration, they can ask questions like is the platform safe or they can have issues making payments or uploading their data there can be some technical issues that they might not be capable of handling so it becomes necessary to prove good customer support to your users.

Customer support can make the process a little quicker. 

6. Promote Group Registrations 

Allow attendees to sign up as a group. Even though everyone must still register individually, you will be able to more accurately break down the overall number of attendees by group if you allow group registration. This is beneficial when choosing a seat. One individual can also pay for the group by registering as a group. This is helpful for those who are bringing along family members and children. One individual may utilize a single payment to pay for everyone. 

Offering discounts, such as 10% off the total cost for groups of four or more, is another way to encourage group registration. Attendees might be more likely to bring one or two other individuals to go with them.

7. Keep The Process Short 

Keep the process of registration short. Don’t redirect your user from one domain to another for the process of registration. Keep the process short and simple. Either ask your audience to register through WhatsApp or you can also build the microsite but don’t add too much redirection as it may not have a good impression on your user or they might also lose interest in the middle of the registration process.

8. Allow On-Site Registrations 

If you are hosting an in-person or hybrid event it is important to offer on-site registrations, there might be some attendees who have to decide to be part of the event at the last minute so it becomes important for the organizer to allow last-minute event registration so that all your last minute participants can also join the event.

The Bottom Line 

With a simple process of registration, you can encourage your audience to register and join the event. There are several event platforms and smart event solutions available that can help you in managing the registrations for the event. With the above-mentioned eight tips, you will be able to make the process of registration simple for your audience. Additionally to boost the process of registration you can also promote your event registration online on different social media platforms. 

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