8 Top Places to Visit in Kerala Vacation Trip
8 Top Places to Visit in Kerala Vacation Trip

8 Top Places to Visit in Kerala Vacation Trip

Kerala is a gorgeous state with the blend of nature and culture. The places of Kerala are also very famous for their unique beauty of nature. You will find vast orchards of plants, hills, greenery and pleasant climate here. Kerala is also a state with history and its events. There are many tour and travels that offer very comfy deals to visit this state. You can get Kerala tour packages from Rajkot with these travels. These tour and travels offers deal with a budget price. Moreover, these deals allow many places to visit in Kerala for a joyful trip.

1. Munnar, a serene hill station

Munnar is a famous honeymoon hill station to visit in Kerala. It is in the Idukki district, lying in the western ghats at 1600 meters height. This hill station is the most sought after place and many tourist visit here. It is also famous for its greenery, tea estates and natural view points. Salim Ali bird park and tea plants are the major attractions of this hill station. Moreover, the tea plants that look like a blanket are the best to explore here. It is also a place for Camping, Boating and Trekking.

2. Alleppey, hub of backwaters

Alleppey is the picture perfect place to visit. It is known for the pretty backwaters and houseboats that offers night stays. The coastline of Alleppey offers some of the best beaches in Kerala. You can also enjoy some water sports here during the dry season. This city is close to Kochi in the South Indian state of Kerala. Moreover, its palm fringed network of canal backwaters attracts thousands of tourists. It is also a place for couple and family trips. The boats, hotels and resort make the stays brilliant.

3. Kochi, a port city

Kochi also known as queen of Arabian sea is on the Southwest coast of India. It is a port city with trading past that dates back to 600 years. Moreover, it is a banking, commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. It has many islands that connects by ferries. This town has market stores, art gallery and some of the finest hotels. You will also find cafes, shopping hubs, Fort Kochi, beaches and temples here. It is also a place to enjoy Kathakali and annual Biennale festival. This coastal city is a famous tourist hotspot.

4. Wayanad, a place with greenery

Wayanad is a place with waterfalls, ancient caves, comfy resorts and homestays. It is a famous hill station in Kerala for its spice plants and wildlife. You can walk through spice plants, Trek to caves and stay at resorts here. These are the things you can experience to get a taste of Wayanad. It is also famous for wildlife reserve which is home to various flora and fauna. This wildlife is a part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve amidst the serene hills. Moreover, this hill station is a home to wide range of leopards and bears.

5. Kumarakom, a group of islands

Kumarakom is at a distance of around 16 kms from Kottayam in Kerala. It is on the scenic banks of largest Vembanad lake of Kerala. Kumarakom is also known as Venice of the city and a group of manmade islands. This town is famous for paddy fields, backwaters, local cuisine, boats and budget resorts. The bird park here is spread across 14 acres and loved for birds. You can take Canoeing trip during sunrise and sunset to experience the beauty. Moreover, it is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

6. Vagamon, an offbeat place

Vagamon lies near the Kottayam and Idukki border. It is a quiet offbeat hill station to visit in Kerala. This hill station has many rivulets, green hills with pleasant climate throughout the year. Moreover, the waterfalls, tea garden, pine forests and meadows make it a perfect place. There are also many sports such as Trekking, rock climbing and Gliding can be enjoyed. You can also do Cycling through the mountains to get better feel of the place. The Kerala tourism board holds a Para gliding festival every year in the city.

7. Kovalam, resorts and massage centre

Kovalam is famous for resorts and Ayurvedic massage centres. It is a coastal town and around 13 kms from Tiruvandrum in Kerala. There is a 30 meters tall lighthouse at the largest beach of this town. The Samundra and Hawa beach are the other two adjacent beaches here. These three beaches are crescent-shaped shallow water and low tide beaches. This town attracts tourists from years and famous from hippie era of 1970. It is also famous for Ayurvedic treatment, massages, Yoga and quiet time. Moreover, you can shop rich spices, wooden statues and handicrafts here.

8. Kollam, a treasure town

Kollam is an enchanting town with backwaters and scenic landscapes. It is a place with treasure trove of natural wonders and ancient places. This town is also a home to cashew producing industry of India. Moreover, the town is regarded as the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. You can cruise along the Alleppey route, which is the main highlight of the region. It is the oldest port in the Arabian sea that lies on the Southwest coast. There are also lesser known path in this gorgeous city, that will certainly enchant you.

Conclusion of places to visit in Kerala

Kerala state is known as the own country of God. It is certainly one of the gorgeous states in the country. This city is a home to wildlife, colourful events, belief, dresses and food. There are many tourist places to visit in Kerala for a glimpse of natural beauty. You will find plants, pristine beaches, serene backwaters and ranges of flora and fauna. The places of this state are also ideal for family and newly married couples. These above voiced are the top famous and stunning sites to visit.

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