An American Airlines pilots strike still possible ahead of holidays
An American Airlines pilots strike still possible ahead of holidays

An American Airlines pilots strike still possible ahead of holidays

American Airlines pilots’ union is continuing contract discussions and seeking federal mediation ahead of the 2022 holidays.

According to CNBC.The Allied Pilots Association informed its members last week that its board unanimously backed a move for the union to seek National Mediation Board assistance.

The union, which has been in contract discussions with American for the past three years, is asking a wage raise and improved scheduling for its approximately 15,000 members in the face of rising inflation and a pandemic turnaround that saw flying hours drop. Then unexpectedly surge.

Although the union had not filed as of Monday afternoon, failing to negotiate an agreement with the country’s largest carrier could put millions of people’s travel plans in jeopardy.

The prospective request comes three months after American CEO Robert Iso promised pilots 17% increases in a new contract proposal.

“It’s not just to better our pilots’ professional and financial life; it’s also to instil reliability into American Airlines,” Capt. Dennis Tajer, a representative for the Allied Pilots Association and a pilot with American for more than 30 years, told an NBC station last week.

Off-duty pilots from six airlines picketed at airports around the country this summer to demand better working conditions and perks.

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While pilot unions at three regional carriers completely owned by American Airlines — Envoy Air, Piedmont Airlines, and PSA Airlines — secured contract deals, significant pilot groups, including as Those who work for Southwest, United, Delta, and FedEx have suffered and are seeking mediation.

Tajer, the union’s spokeswoman in Fort Worth, Texas, stated. That crucial concerns such as scheduling will remain at the centre of the talks.

“Flights are cancelled when Mother Nature strikes.” They should be cancelled for the sake of safety. Where American management falls short is in the aftermath of a weather disaster. That’s when pilots like him can come out and help, but we need the flexibility in our schedule,” he noted. “For the time being, American management has shut down our trip-trading mechanism.” Whatever you have, you must be able to fly. You have no mobility to assist them or even to accommodate your personal life.”

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