An Introduction Immigration Of Law
An Introduction Immigration Of Law

An Introduction Immigration Of Law

The United States has gone through several phases of immigration law. Of course it was when it was when the United States was found and was first was populated by migrants of England and Europe wanting to begin their new life.Many immigrants came to into the United States through the slave trade, and they were not willing to become immigrants. In different periods of history it has been the case that there were stricter immigration laws, often restricting certain populations due to reasons of political or economic.

Following World War I, the economic crisis of America United States force tighter immigration regulations.This reduced the number of immigrants permit to enter the country to 350,000 annually. Since the terrorist attack at the United States on September 11 2001, laws on immigration have been tight , and security is higher than any other times in the past. Prior to the 2001 attack in 2001, the I.N.S. (Immigration and Naturalization Service) was the agency responsible for immigration laws and procedures. However, today, the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for the immigration process within the United States.

Different levels for Immigrant Status

non-immigrants are citizens of other countries who wish to visit in the United States on a temporary basis, but are not planning to settle permanently within the U.S. Immigrants are foreign nationals who plan to remain citizens of permanent residence in United States. United States.

There are various kinds of status for immigrants which each provides the same amount of protection against removal and comes with a various number of rights.

There are some immigrants who are “inadmissible” that is to say, they are not able to access in the United States for a period of time or even due to factors like criminal or health reports.

Inadmissibility is discuss further in this article. Certain immigrants can be grant citizenship status in a short time because of the citizenship of relatives.


Anyone who wishes to enter America United States must first get permission from the United States government to do that.

The authorization to get into an United States is refer to as the visa. It’s typically stampe on your passport.

The applicant must request an visa through an U.S. embassy or consulate in countries outside of in the United States. It doesn’t have necessarily be an U.S. embassy or consulate in the country where he is from.

A temporary visa permits the alien to visit and remain in the United States for a limited period of time, generally for study, work, or to travel.

A Visa Waiver program allows some foreigners to travel to within the United States without a visa.

The term “visa” is often use as one aspect to obtain green cards. Green cards allow foreigners to live and work within America.

United States. A person who is not a citizen of the United States must attend to the issuance of an Immigrant Visa before he is able to receive the green card.

The procedure to obtain the immigrant visa will be explain in greater detail later in this document Family Office Singapore.

Follow your Law and protect Your Rights

It is crucial to observe immigration laws while travelling or staying inside the United States.

If you violate immigration laws. It could lead to not only being imprison or remove but also to a variety of consequences. For instance.

If you remain on the United States beyond the visa expiration date or begin working without a permit and are bar from re-entry into in the United States from 3 to 10 years.

A further word of advice is to be honest with all immigration requests and forms. It’s more beneficial to provide an honest answer that can reduce your chances of obtaining a visa rather than lying.

Fraud isn’t just an offense however. It could result in a determination of inadmissibility.Which can prevent your entry into to the United States.

If you think that an honest answer could affect your chances of becoming a citizen it is recommend that you consult an immigration lawyer prior to filling out the forms or applications.

Read the last section of this guide for details about seeking legal advice.

New changes in Immigration Law

The law on immigration changes frequently and it is advisable to visit the website of updates from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.) for the latest updates when you’re planning to travel or reside in the United States.

The website isn’t easy to navigate but contains large amount of information on traveling and living within the United States.

There are a myriad of websites that publish legal information on immigration, which could be inaccurate or outdated.

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Don’t trust websites of lawyers who are soliciting businesses or Wikipedia because they may not be up-to-date and reliable information All you need to know about the CLAT LEGAL REASONING section!.

This guide will provide an overview of the information provided and will give you an understanding of the process for obtaining an immigration visa for various situations that will help you navigate the information available on United States immigration law websites simpler.

However, if you have a complicate situation or you’re not sure about how to proce. It’s always recommend to seek advice from an immigration lawyer.

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