California County Charges Fentanyl Death As Murder
California County Charges Fentanyl Death As Murder

California County Charges Fentanyl Death As Murder

According to the woman’s sister, Jade Death was aware of the hazards of fentanyl. But, she was deceived about a painkiller she purchased. It could result in her death.

Prosecutors claim they now have enough evidence to show Death was murdered.

“This is murder without a weapon,” stated Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp at a press conference. “This is murder without a weapon.” Fentanyl is the weapon.”

The 21-year-old Cassidy Gonzalez can accuse of four felonies, including murder. Alejandro Valverde-Nuno, another individual, may accuse her of an accessory.

Jade’s sister Sage claimed, “(Jade) just got house from work and may able to give a medicine. She may relieve her back from hurting.” She was snacking while washing laundry when she dozed off and never woke up.

A synthetic opioid with approved medicinal use is fentanyl. It’s accessible and potent. And more frequent discovered in tablets or combined with heroin.

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At the Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, authorities claim to have discovered 12,000 fentanyl tablets concealed in candy boxes and bags.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff, the suspect can attempt to get through security with the luggage but will flee when confronted.

This month, cops in New York detained a woman suspected of concealing 15,000 fentanyl tablets in a Lego box. So, the tablets can resemble typical painkillers and may make with an M and the number 32.

It was the biggest fentanyl seizure in New York City. But, it can consider surpassing a week later when 300,000 pills. So, more than 20 pounds of powdered fentanyl may discover.

According to the DEA, fentanyl may frequently manufacture in Mexico and trafficked into communities across America. Just last week, President Joe Biden and the president of Mexico indicated they were assessing their collaborative efforts. It stops the flow of fentanyl across the border.

The Sinaloa Cartel, which police think is mostly responsible for trafficking thousands of tonnes of cocaine across the border. Thus, it could receive sanctions from the Treasury Department on Wednesday.

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