Camping In Dharamshala: Know About Places For Camping Tour
Camping In Dharamshala: Know About The Places For Camping Tour

Camping In Dharamshala: Know About The Places For Camping Tour

About Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a region in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a small hill station ideal for touring throughout the year. If you are an avid lover of camping and trekking, you can take remarkable experiences in different adventure sports. Every year tourists visit Dharamshala once where they attain various adventures and endless outdoor workouts. With this verbal journey, let’s explore the famous places for camping in Dharamshala.

Places For Camping In Dharamshala

Situated at an altitude of 1500 meters, these Dharamshala camps can provide you ultimate thrill and adventure. Here you can find the best camping options which can help you to get an idea about everything in Dharamshala. Let’s dive into the facts. The famous places for camping in Dharamshala include

  • Dharamshala Jungle Camping
  • Survival Training Summer Camp For Teenagers
  • Camp Off-Road
  • MOUNTY 1095 Riverside Camping
  • Camp Lungta

1: Dharamshala Jungle Camping

The first place of Dharamshala camping is nothing but Dharamshala Jungle Camping which is a 2 days 1 night stay. By walking, you can reach this camping destination and it is 1.3 km away from the main road. It makes the camping journey more adventurous. This camp includes two different categories of tents, the Alpine tents, and the Swiss tents. Five people can share and live in Swiss tents, and the alpine tent is accurate for three people. Most travel agents in their offered Dharamshala tour packages include this camp in their must-visit list.

This camp is more than a smart city inside the jungle since it possesses 24×7 electricity connections and solar geysers. Various workouts like indoor and outdoor games and nature walk along the campsite can be conducted too. The cost of staying in this camp is 1300 rupees.

2: Survival Training Summer Camp For Teenagers

The next option for camping in Dharamshala is none other than Survival Training Summer Camp For Teenagers. As the name implies, this camp is accurate and highly dependable for teenagers between the age of twelve to fourteen. This camp is situated in the village of Mohal Tou. This camp handles teenagers with the highest accuracy as it offers one guide for every five children.

Several outdoor activities such as rock climbing, outdoor survival, mountaineering, tree climbing, and other teens friendly excursions are performed here. This camp generally takes place every year in summer. It is the strategy to protect them from the harmful habits of mobile phones by learning them different practical skills. The major highlights of this camping are free food, outings, trekkings, free conveyance, and many more. The expense of staying in this camp is almost 21500 rupees per child.

3: Camp Off-Road

Another interesting place on a camping tour in Dharamshala in 2022 is Camp Off-Road. This camp is situated 1.5 km away from the Dalai Lama Temple. Camp off-road is famous among tourists for a flavor of the actual jungle life with a contemporary twist. This camp is one of the limited places which offer free personal parking. Camp off-Road delivers an incredible experience with delectable continental food, moonlight parties, bonfires, and many more. The cost of staying here is almost 1500 rupees per night.

4: MOUNTY 1095 Riverside Camping

MOUNTY 1095 Riverside Camping is another incredible Dharamshala camping option. A 2 day 1-night stay is ideal for this campsite. It is famous for trekking excursions including places like Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Kangra valley, Punjab plains, and Shivaliks. It is also famous among voyagers for its quiet and serene atmosphere.

This camp is offered by travel agents that include meals with a tent stay, sleeping bags, and other amenities. This campsite is convenient, as personal vehicles are allowed here. Riverside Camping ensures indulgence in the lap of mother nature. The price of dwelling here is almost 1300 rupees per person.

5: Camp Lungta

Camp lungta is the best combination of indulgence and camping. Situated in the foothills of Dhauladars Camp, Lungta camp in Dharamshala is the most elite one. You can get a witness here pair friendly atmosphere and personalized Swiss-Cottage tents with personal lawns. Here you can get the connected restrooms, outdoor play regions, customized venues for weddings, meetings, and all the required amenities. The camp personnel can organize tours of the enclosing areas as per the tourists’ request. You need to pay 2000 rupees to spend a night here.

The Best Time To Conduct Camping In Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a place full of adventure spots and several camping options. Most of the camping in mcleodganj is conducted in winter because of the lanky winter routes. It can give you a feeling of ultimate exhilaration.

From October to March, the climate in Dharamshala is cold and snowy. During January, the temperature declines to zero degrees. It might be a nice time for those who are planning to go on their honeymoon.

From July to early September, it is monsoon in Dharamshala. This period might not be the ideal time to conduct a camping tour in Dharamshala. Activities like trekking, camping, and other adventure sports get restricted at this time.

The best time to visit Dharamshala is none other than the summer. From February to June, it is summer in Dharamshala. At this time, Dharamshala possessed beautiful weather and the place might be a little congested this time. Below are some of the best camps in Dharamshala where you can live while exploring this place.

Advice For Dharamshala Camping

Below is the advice that you must follow before you start your vacation. Consider these tips and roam safely.

  1. Keep adequate warm clothing and good-quality shoes.
  2. Keep your medicines, sunscreen, and toiletries.
  3. Take travel agents in Dharamshala or book your tour with a dependable travel agency.
  4. Don’t wander outside lonely at night and always be with your friends and family.


So these are some of the best examples of camping in Dharamshala. Hence, refresh yourself in the cool atmosphere of Dharamshala. Visit the major tourist spots with Dharamshala tour packages and take home a bag full of magnificent and pleasing remembrances. Our company can help you to get your dream trip at a reasonable rate.

But among those places, Dharamshala is probably the most gorgeous yet soothing one in the Himalayan range of India. Besides being adorned with stunning sceneries and intimidating treks, Dharamshala is considered to be the queen of adventure.

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