Essential Indicators In Abused Child Case Investigation
Essential Indicators In Abused Child Case Investigation

Essential Indicators In Abused Child Case Investigation

Your children are not just an asset to your family but to the whole nation. Definitely, it is your responsibility to bring them up in the most loving and careful environment. In case of child abuse or neglect then become ready to face the investigation by Child Protective Service (CPS). Escobar Law Offices is a Law firm that deals in Immigration Law, Uncontested Divorce, CPS-Child Welfare Cases, and any other issue where you need justice and legislative support. On behalf of its clients, the firm offers effective legal representation in immigration, businesses, and other personal or family matters.

What is Child Abuse?

Your child has a complete personality whatever he or she old is. Child abuse is a vast term that is not just related to physical violence. Any type of maltreatment by an adult person can be included in the child abuse case. 

They can consider hitting, robbing, stopping, kicking, pressing, or any other form of humiliation as child abuse issues. Sexual exploitation is also believed one of the worst forms of child abuse. Hurting a child physically or emotionally is a punishable crime and needs legislative action.

How Does Neglection Affect Children?

Neglection is one of the common behavior that a child could face from their close family members. There could be various reasons behind this conduct. Parents may involve in extra alcohol consumption, drugs, poverty, or any other psychological issue.  

This attitude not only affects the mental health of a child but also spoils physical health in the long run. If not treated properly at an early stage, it could lead to a personality disorder in the victim child. Initially, a child starts irresponsible behavior toward education and then adopts it in every situation of life.

They Find Untold Indicators 

For investigation, they can come anywhere, home, school, daycare and even they can call you at the CPS office. Whatsoever, they use a selection of words for the interview. Behind all those talks they try to find some special indicators to get the true story. 

If receive any complaint of child abuse or neglect then a CPS officer will contact you within 24 hours. Surely, they will be in front of your target child in the same period. Here in this article, you will find a few important indicators that CPS uncovers during an investigation. 

Living Environment Management 

How does your home present the environment from inside the building and neighborhood? The place where your child lives and grows is one of the most crucial factors they cannot avoid. What type of people is living in nearby areas? All these things make the living environment of your children.

The proper arrangement of items, belongings, and facilities in your house shows the management skills of the parents or guardian. How do they properly maintain the living standard for their children’s growth? The CPS officer deeply analyzes the environmental condition through their intense observation and perceiving power. 

Child Physical Condition

In various cases, the victimized child has so many signs of bad behavior on their bodies. A CPS officer gets the services of a child consultant specializing in abusive cases. The doctors and the caseworker both analyze the body symptoms if the child was physically abused.

The unjustified stories of injuries, marks of burns, and bruises on the body are the common signals of child abuse. During the interrogation, the child feels fear to give the reasons for these physical injuries. But the body language and illogical responses give a signal to the CPS about the alarming situation. 

Child Body Language

Maybe this is the most curious factor for a CPS dealer. Because whatever your child speaks but his or her body language reveals the actual story. Various children are under pressure from the culprit not to open the actual situation. Thus, they try to answer every question in a normal way. 

In many cases, children deny any bad things happening to them just because of stress or fear. If the caseworker tries to make them calm but they get nervous and also avoid touching. The caseworker must be a good psychologist of children’s behavior. His or her intention behind every question is to create such conditions when the child’s body language uncovers reality. 

Parents Body Language

Every CPS officer always tries to study the body language of each family member, especially the parents. Whether the abused one is your real child or you have adopted them, you need to develop a close relationship. Otherwise, there is a chance that you become the reason for their insecure feelings.

During the investigation, CPS workers see how parents interact with each other and how they behave with their children. Sometimes single-parenting or the single parent’s partner gets the benefits of haphazard situations for their bad intentions. While integrating, CPS tries to guess the actual behavior you keep with your child.

Family Mutual Relationship

The mutual relationship among family members plays a crucial role in the developing child’s personality and normal growth. Caseworkers always try to get the awareness of connections among all family members. It is a common practice that close family members support during any challenge.

Lack of supporting behavior from peers hurts the feelings of a child. Inappropriate behavior of parents or elders could lead to child abuse from other people. When CPS discusses various matters about family life to discover the untold stories. Actually, they are actually interested to know the involvement of any person who is part of your family.

The Final Thoughts

A child is a precious gift of nature and nobody has the right to humiliate them anyway. CPS officers and case workers are quite efficient to adapt the ways through which they can find the realities. 

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