Temporarily halted the expiry of the Title 42 border policy
The Supreme Court has temporarily halted the expiry of the Title 42 border policy

The Supreme Court has temporarily halted the expiry of the Title 42 border policy

With Title 42 slated to expire this week, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts granted an administrative stay, putting the contentious border limitation policy on hold for the time being. A response by the Biden administration to the interim hold must be filed by Tuesday.

Border communities across Texas have been bracing for an upsurge of migrants in the event that Title 42 is repealed.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has indicated he expects the issue at the southern border will become worse once Title 42 ends, says he is boosting up border initiatives ahead of the initial policy expiry on Wednesday.

In preparation of the policy’s expiry, the Texas National Guard deployed 400 soldiers to El Paso. They will concentrate on preventing illicit border crossings from Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Several state agencies, law enforcement and border patrol, as well as humanitarian groups, are collaborating to assist these border cities, notably El Paso, where Mayor Oscar Lesser announced a state of emergency on Saturday.

According to city data, there are over 3,000 migrants in border patrol detention

Officials predict that by Wednesday, more to 6,000 migrants per day might be crossing in El Paso alone, and hundreds are released onto the streets every day since there isn’t enough capacity to process and lodge them.

Other border communities, including Eagle Pass and Laredo, are confronting the similar issue.

On top of that, Texas is expected to be exceptionally chilly this week, with windchills dropping below zero in some areas by Friday, according to forecasts.

While officials anticipate an inflow of migrants when the programme expires, NewsNation partner Border Report reported a slowdown in crossings ahead of Wednesday, with just a small group crossing near El Paso seen by a news crew.

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Across the Rio Grande in Reynosa, Mexico, priests performing mass informed churchgoers that if the restrictions were lifted, they would be free to cross. Faith leaders told Border Report that their shelters were full, and that more individuals were waiting on the streets to cross.

Catholic charities and other humanitarian groups were preparing to assist in McAllen, Texas, but authorities told Border Report that resources are already stretched and there is concern that they would not be able to support the rise of migrants.

Title 42, which was initially enforced by the Trump administration in the spring of 2020, authorised border authorities to turn away migrants seeking refuge during the epidemic as a public health emergency.

After months of legal battles, a federal court concluded this month that the regulation no longer made sense in light of the availability of vaccinations and the lifting of other pandemic limitations. He granted the Biden administration five weeks to phase down Title 42 – a timeframe that was previously supposed to end on Wednesday. The Supreme Court awarded a stay of execution on Monday.

Though Democrats have criticised Title 42, it was employed at a higher rate under the Biden administration and has turned away around 2.5 million migrants at the border since 2020.

The approach has contributed to the exclusion of migrants from countries where conditions are deteriorating, such as Haiti, making it practically hard for them to seek refuge.

“If the courts do not intervene and stop the repeal of Title 42,” Abbott said, “there will be absolute mayhem.”

The Biden administration claims it is ready and will handle this in a compassionate manner. They are also urging Congress to adopt immigration reform, but they have no quick answer to the border situation.

A federal appeals court declined to prolong Title 42’s termination last week, but the Supreme Court stepped in by imposing a stay on the expiry.

Texas has already spent over $4 billion on border security under Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” programme.

Abbott requested last week that the Texas Attorney General investigate immigration NGOs after hearing claims that they may have assisted with illegal border crossings.

NewsNation contacted Abbott’s office for clarification but has yet to hear back.

Abbott’s administration has bused almost 14,000 migrants to Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City thus far.

El Paso announces a state of emergency in response to the migrant influx

New York Mayor Eric Adams published a statement in advance of Title 42’s conclusion, claiming the city’s shelters are filled and there has to be a better plan.

“I refuse to be compelled to select newcomers over established New Yorkers. I’ll say it again: we need a strategy, we need help, and we need it immediately.”


Meanwhile, the mayor of Denver declared an emergency earlier this month after hundreds of undocumented migrants unexpectedly arrived in the Mile High City. The mayor of the city stated that it is straining the city’s resources.

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