If you want to go off-grid, install a solar power generation system
To go off-Grid, Install a Solar Energy in Pakistan System!

To go off-Grid, Install a Solar Energy in Pakistan System!

In the current off-grid, the introduction of a solar power generation system is the basic premise.

However, there are various ways to use solar power generation systems, and off-grid is introduced in the following three ways.

(1) Partially use off-grid power

(2) Partially use electricity from the power company

(3) Completely off-grid

The cost of capital investment will also differ depending on how much electricity self-sufficiency you aim for.

(1) How to use off-grid only for specific electrical appliances

For example, portable batteries and portable solar panels can be used to off-grid only low-power appliances such as smartphones and lights.

Because it is easy to carry, it is in demand for camping.

However, the price is cheap because the output of  Solar energy in Pakistan and the storage capacity are small, but it is an unreliable thing as an emergency measure.

(2) When using electricity from a power company only when necessary

Currently, more and more people are introducing off-grid systems. By combining solar power generation systems + with storage batteries.

A photovoltaic power generation system is a method in which the storage battery is charged while supplying electricity. To the home during the day, and the electricity at night and in the early morning is covered. by the discharge from the storage battery.

By using electricity from the power company only when necessary, such as when the solar power generation system. Does not generate power during the rainy season or when it cannot generate power due to snow, it is possible to reduce. The amount of electricity to be purchased as much as possible.

(3) Complete off-grid life

Some people are completely self-sufficient in electricity with only solar power generation systems. And storage batteries without contracts with electric power companies.

However, in the case of general housing, it is difficult to achieve complete off-grid.

This is because the capacity of the solar power generation system that can be installed on the roof is limited. And to cover all the various home appliances. A considerable amount of power generation and storage is required, which requires a large amount of capital investment.

Complete off-grid can be aimed at when introducing solar power generation + storage batteries. In homes that use only the minimum necessary home appliances, log houses, large campers, etc.

Some people start on a small scale and gradually aim for self-sufficiency in electricity.

If you are interested, I recommend that you try it little by little according to your own life.

What are the benefits of going off-grid?

In today’s world where electricity is indispensable, off-grid life is very attractive because it allows us to live without buying electricity.

Next, I will explain the benefits of off-grid in detail.

Aiming for zero electricity bills

Since the off-grid system uses renewable energy instead. It is possible to reduce the electricity usage fee to zero without relying on electricity from the power company.

For example, a standard type of storage battery used off-grid produces a maximum output of 6 kWh and an average of 40 kWh of electricity per day.

Environmentally Friendly

Currently, Japan, which has few energy resources, relies on imports for most of its energy resources such as petroleum and coal.

Photovoltaic power generation is one of the solutions to the energy resource problem, which is becoming more serious year by year.

Another major feature is that it is clean, and does not emit any carbon dioxide, which is considered to be a cause of global warming, during power generation.

Can respond to emergencies

Electricity can be stored in a storage battery, so you can use your refrigerator, Internet, PC, and mobile phone even if the power goes out.

In the past, only large hospitals and office buildings were equipped with “emergency power sources,”. But since the Great East Japan Earthquake, they have rapidly spread to general households.

What are the disadvantages of going off-grid?

Off-grid living is very attractive, but there are always advantages and disadvantages.

Next, I will introduce two points about the disadvantages.

Full off-grid is weather dependent

If all of your life is off-grid, you may not be able to generate the amount of electricity. You need for your life because the amount of power generated will decrease during periods when there is little sunlight.

During the rainy season when the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation drops, it is necessary to know the remaining amount of the storage battery and save electricity.

Expensive to maintain

To live an off-grid life, we also need maintenance costs for the equipment we are using.

Solar energy in Pakistan systems and storage batteries currently on the market are sold on the premise that they will. Be linked to the grid of the power company, and in some cases. The  Solar manufacturer in Pakistan  warranty will not be issued if they are completely off-grid.

If the equipment breaks down, it will need to be repaired at the actual cost.

When aiming for off-grid, consider the budget and running costs.

People who practice off-grid life often enjoy these inconveniences.

Off-grid can start with small things such as smartphone charging and lighting.

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