Hoverboards for Children| information and advice
Hoverboards for Children| information and advice

Hoverboards for Children| information and advice

Hoverboards for children: let’s see how they work, why they are fun but also dangerous, and some advice for buying them.

If you have children in middle school, but also a little younger, you will surely have heard of kids hoverboards. The word itself probably comes out of your ears from how many times you’ve heard it pronounced. Thanks to the diffusion of more affordable models compared to the high range, hoverboards for kids has become a much-desired object by children. But also by adults. Here is some useful information before buying hoverboards for kids.             

Technical characteristics, functioning and costs

A hoverboard is a kind of electric skateboard, powered by a rechargeable battery, that moves with your body weight. The two wheels are independent: each foot controls one. And the change in weight on the board activates the sensor and gyroscope mechanism which determine the movement. Tiptoes forward, we go forward. Weight on the heels, he brakes. Right toe forward, turn left. Left toe forward, turn right. It’s all about balance.

With a full battery, hoverboards travel an average of 20 kilometers. The maximum speed depends on what the manufacturers decide. On average it is 15 km/h , kids hoverboard, Streetboard, and Offroad models. But there are models that even reach 20 km/h. And others that do not exceed 10 km/h: this is the case with the kids Hoverboard UK models.

Prices also vary significantly, especially based on the materials used and the “gadgets” present. Led lights are now standard, but you can find hoverboards with speakers to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to music.   applications with which to view usage statistics, etc. The range goes from 120 Pounds for basic models, to 4-500 for high-quality devices.

Hoverboards and kids

We said that maneuvering a kids hoverboard is a matter of balance. Precisely for this reason, it is inadvisable to give a hoverboard for children under the age of 7. The age at which they are completing the development of the ability to balance. Falls, especially at the beginning when you learn to maneuver it. Are frequent – explains Dr. Luisa Burri, an orthopedic doctor at the Treviso hospital – You risk bad fractures.

There are a few different things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the best hoverboard for 6 to 10 year old kids. First, consider the size of the board. Most boards come in two sizes: 6.5 inches and 8 inches. The 8-inch boards are typically better for larger kids or adults, while the 6.5-inch boards are better for smaller kids. You’ll also want to consider the weight capacity of the board. Most Hoverboards for kids can support up to 220 pounds,

Where you can go with the kids hoverboard: watch out for fines!

The kids hoverboard is to all intents and purposes a speed accelerator and as such, according to article 190 of the highway code, it cannot circulate on the roadway (reserved for vehicular transit) or on the sidewalk (reserved for pedestrians). And not even on the cycle path, which is reserved – in fact – for bicycles. If you allow your children to ride the kids hoverboard on these spaces, know that you risk a fine of between 25 and 99 Pounds.

So where can you go on the hoverboard? Anywhere in private spaces, for example at home, in the path of your garden, etc. In public spaces with reserved areas, such as the tracks of the gardens. It is also widely believed by the municipal police ( an example here ) that on the street it is possible to use the kids hoverboard on the platform, i.e. the stretch of road between the end of the carriageway and the beginning of the sidewalk. However, this is often not a viable solution.


After having explored every aspect related to the possible danger of hoverboards, the definitive answer depends on the situation and scenario in which the vehicle is used.

The kids hoverboard is dangerous for children if it is used in crowded areas, in places with bad roads and surfaces, or in prohibited areas. Furthermore, although there is no minimum legal age for use, it is a common sense decision to reserve the use of the tool to children of at least 12 years of age, thus avoiding its use by younger children, unaware of the real dangers existing and often unable to cope with sudden situations of uncertainty that may arise.

Common sense is the limit that determines the danger of the kids hoverboard. We can state that zero danger does not exist and the percentage of danger increases with the younger the child is.

The danger is not only for those on top of the kids hoverboards but also for others, who can be hit by a vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 20 km

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