How to organize online Tutoring? 5 useful tips
How to organize online Tutoring? 5 useful tips

How to organize online Tutoring? 5 useful tips

It can be said that the post-pandemic reality has brought us many surprising conclusions. One of them is the possibility of Tutoring. Previously, no one thought that transferring education to the Internet would be possible. Today we enter the holiday season with a confident step. However, it must be admitted that some people use this time to acquire additional competencies and improve their education.
Online tutoring is a nod to both the teacher and the student. They allow you to increase your competencies without having to leave your home. If you are curious about how to organize remote tutoring step by step and what to remember so that the student “squeezed” as much as possible from such lessons, check out our post.

Online Tutoring Steps

Step 1. Write down your plan on a piece of paper

The beginning of any successful project is planning activities and brainstorming. This is a very important step, although it is unjustly overlooked by some. Therefore, write down on a piece of paper or in a text document the initial plan and all the ideas that you would like to implement. At this stage, do not exclude any element, even if it seems absurd and senseless to you.

What questions should you answer after this step?

•What can you teach?
•What target group do you direct your services to?
•How often will you be able to tutor?
•What kind of tools will you need to tutor online?
• What features do you need in a video conferencing platform?
• How will you promote your services?

Step 2. Choose the best platform

The best platform of Online Tutoring Lahore is Tutor Search

If you didn’t manage to figure out what features the platform you need should have in the previous step, you need to do it now. What to look for?
Easy screen sharing. Working remotely, you need to control and support your student’s work. A platform with intuitive screen sharing will certainly make these activities easier for you.

Price. Tutoring is usually conducted with only one student, not with a group of people. So the price of the platform cannot be high. There is plenty of free video conferencing software out there, and that’s what we recommend you choose to start with.

Quickly join a meeting. Do not choose a tool that will require you a lot of time to organize a meeting and then join a participant. Platforms that offer the ability to join from a web browser and mobile devices work best.

Additional features. See if the videoconferencing platform offers, for example, drawing on the screen, or if you can easily download materials from it. Many of them offer, for example, the possibility of taking over the participant’s mouse and keyboard for technical support. The function of responding with emoticons to the teacher’s questions is also very useful.

Examples of free platforms

Zoom – is one of the most popular platforms for video calls on the market. You can schedule a 40-minute meeting for a group and then refresh your browser and continue, or you can organize a call without a time limit for two people. The recording is not possible in the free version.
Skype – is probably one of the older video chat programs. However, it has all the features necessary for remote tutoring: simple screen sharing, quick meeting creation, and no usage fees.

Step 3. Choose additional online tutoring tools

What to do to prevent online tutoring from taking the form of a lecture? Take care of the right tools that will help you arouse the student’s curiosity and engage them to actively participate in remote tutoring.
Board for planning and managing activities and projects. You can use it to plan your student’s educational path, add materials and verify learning progress.

One of the simpler and more intuitive tools for this type of purpose. Tasks are entered in tiles and you can mark whether the task is in progress or is ready. A tool offered by Google Workspace. It is a digital board for creative work and at the same time a good tool for working with a group. However, you can also use Google to work with one student, e.g. when writing down various ideas.

Another dimension of Home tutors Lahore thanks to the use of programming. It will not be an exaggeration to say that robots have dominated the entire world. Robot programming workshops and classes for children and teenagers are becoming more and more popular. It is not only great entertainment, but above all, it is an opportunity to stimulate creativity in children. There are more and more educational platforms on the market that provide such an option.

Step 4. Take care of technical issues

You already have an idea for online tutoring. You know what platform you want to choose, what tools you will use, and what the course of the classes will look like. It’s time to prepare you from the technical side as well. What you do to have take care of?

1. Efficient equipment is essential. You cannot conduct remote tutoring on an old and broken computer. It’s best to purchase an external camera and microphone as the audio and video quality will be better.

2. Good internet. The upload speed should not be less than 5 Mb/s. Of course, it is best to use a hard connection, i.e. “via cable”. In this way, you will limit the possibility of unexpected interruptions in the Internet connection.

3. Quiet workplace. You should be prepared that the place from which you will conduct the meeting should be calm and quiet. Let your roommates know what hours you tutor. You will save yourself situations in which someone enters your room unexpectedly.

4. You need to have everything at your fingertips. Prepare yourself a glass of water and tools that may be necessary to conduct classes, e.g. books, maps, or other props. It will save you a lot of time.

Step 5. Don’t forget to promote remote tutoring

If you are a professional in what you do, you will certainly gain a large part of your client’s thanks to the fact that your services will be recommended by others.

But how do you find your first disciples?

Create another social media. Publish content that may be useful to your potential students. You will prove that you have a lot of knowledge that you are willing to share.
Create a blog. It’s a great tool to promote your services. Publish entries about the field in which you are a specialist.
Post an offer on groups to sell services. There are also plenty of websites that bring together tutors from all over Pakistan.

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