How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?
How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?

How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?

T.WW     EDo you know that, compared to the year before, 72% of retailers increased their spending on holiday mobile marketing campaigns last year? As soon as November arrives, customers are inundated with holiday-themed SMS provider campaigns and social media advertisements. As a business, how can you cut through the noise of the season and capture your audience’s attention? 

Your Christmas campaign troubles may be resolved with SMS marketing. Use the following strategies for effective SMS marketing on holidays if you have built an opt-in list of individuals who wish to receive your SMS marketing messages.

These recommendations are equally useful for your SMS marketing strategy throughout the season and for occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Coupons for the holidays for SMS subscribers 

The time before holidays is ideal for growing the list of SMS marketing campaign subscribers. Now is a fantastic moment to research SMS marketing if you haven’t before. Advertise your SMS marketing opt-in code and any incentives you provide with it if you own a business and have a physical location where you may interact with customers. 

Join our SMS provider list to receive exclusive offers throughout the holiday season, for example, may be your promotional message. This call-to-action raises the likelihood that individuals will sign up for your SMS marketing campaign and get interested in your company.

The advantages you provide to your SMS marketing subscribers can, however, be promoted through social media and email marketing if your business is primarily centred online. Long-term consumer involvement would increase with more opt-ins.

Establish a loyalty programme with shopping points

Send a thank you note to your list and include a discount for a new subscription as a show of appreciation whenever you receive new opt-ins. To encourage loyalty, implement a point-based holiday purchasing system. If you provide the consumers the ability to accrue points proportionate to their spending, you may be creative with how you set up the system. At the end of the holiday, the loyalty point can be exchanged for benefits (which could consist of more coupons, discounts, and free items, etc.).

Please and Happy Texts are sent

Being a Scrooge or a bothersome salesperson at this time of year is not acceptable. Do not use SMS marketing to increase sales. ven if you are tempted. Inform your subscribers that you are not sending them excessive or pointless emails. 

Create a relationship with your subscribers, increase brand recognition, send them polite SMS greetings sometimes, and give them happy holidays when the time is right. Keep it generic, but try not to presume which holiday your opt-ins observe. 

And once the Christmas season is over, start using these strategies in the coming year to draw in new followers and keep them interested in your business.

Time-limited Seasonal Sales 

You may increase your sales throughout the Christmas season by enticing clients with last-minute deals and flash sales. 

Because SMS provider is almost immediate and dependable, you may use it to alert your clients about these sales. 

When your best-selling items are going to run out of stock, let your consumers know and create a feeling of urgency. Notify customers when a new product arrives at your shop.

Ideas for gifts as a service 

One of the challenging parts of holiday shopping for many of us is finding the ideal presents. Not everyone has the time or desire to shop for the ideal item. 

Brands and merchants may persuade customers to sign up for a service that offers suggestions for gifts for recipients based on general information like age, or interests. 

Not only would this help individuals looking for gift suggestions, but it would also allow businesses to interact with customers over the Christmas season and promote new goods and deals.

Limit yourself

Finding the ideal balance for your marketing message frequency is key to SMS marketing. You will alienate individuals if you send too many text messages. Less messages will make them forget about you. 

Although there is no exact frequency that applies to all organisations, starting off with 1-4 messages each month is often a smart idea. 

Don’t forget to include instructions on how subscribers can choose not to receive SMS provider campaigns and promotions.

Research the holiday market via SMS

With an SMS provider, you can really evaluate how successfully consumers respond to advertisements and other offers. You can then utilise this data to create databases and lists and to guide the rest of your digital marketing plan. To better understand client wants, businesses might issue surveys. 

You may utilize what you learn about what consumers desire for the holidays. This year to improve your marketing choices the next year.

Enjoyable for subscribers 

Engagement with customers involves more than just providing services and coupons. Making it enjoyable for your subscribers is also important. You may utilize text messages to encourage your opt-ins to a fun offer or contest on your mobile web page during holidays. 

To increase visitors to your website’s landing page or online store, send scavenger hunt clues by text. Or simply send out a reminder for a special holiday event. You may also point people to a gift guide you have on your site for the holidays. 

Be creative, and there are countless opportunities.


This year, don’t wait until the last minute to add holiday texting in your SMS provider campaigns. Make sure you have the tools necessary to serve your clients on their mobile devices. Whether you’re a brick and mortar establishment or an online company. Contact a top-notch SMS marketing firm and let the experts handle it for you if you are unsure how to go.

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