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The release of watchOS 10 by Apple resulted in the removal of a feature that numerous Apple Watch owners found to be extremely helpful. A user was able to change the watch face on his timepiece by swiping on the display, which was made possible by this function. It would appear that Apple Watch owners were sufficiently dissatisfied with the removal of this feature that the company felt obligated to bring it back in the watchOS 10.2 beta 3 release. Aaronp613, a subscriber to the “X” channel, has shared various code strings from the beta version, including one that reads “Swipe to Switch Watch Face.” You can find this information on his account.

In order to take advantage of this functionality, you will need to navigate to Settings > Clock after you have WatchOS 10.2 beta 3 loaded or once Apple releases WatchOS 10.2. Once you reach that point, you will have the ability to select the manner of changing watch faces that you like. Additionally, if you have watchOS 10.2 beta 3 installed on your Apple Watch, you are able to reactivate this feature at this very moment. It will be necessary for you to wait until the release of the final version of watchOS 10.2 which is scheduled to be distributed later this year if you do not already have the beta loaded on your device.

Coding snippets are present. Returning to watchOS 10.2 is the Swipe to Switch Watch Face feature.

If you go to the Watch app on your iPhone, tap the Face Gallery option, and then create alternative watch faces, you will be able to build up watch faces that you can swipe to. You are able to create a variety of watch faces that are suitable for a variety of events, such as a more formal watch face for approaching holiday parties, a more useful watch face with plenty of complications for the workday, and other watch faces for other activities, such as your workouts.

You may find a watch face for your Apple Watch that is suitable for every event by using the Watch app on your iPhone.

 Able to change the face of your watch with just a simple swipe, allowing you to have a watch that is suitable for any event without having to purchase more than one timepiece. By configuring your Apple Watch to enable “Swipe to Switch Watch Face,” you will be able to swiftly navigate through the watch faces that you have created by swiping your Apple Watch display.

In light of the fact that swiping the screen in watchOS 10 does not result in any behavior, it is not entirely clear why Apple made the decision to eliminate the feature in the first place. Nevertheless, the business must have gotten sufficient feedback from Apple Watch users who were disappointed that they did not have access to this speedy and simple method of changing the watch face on their wristwatch.

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