Inflation On Voters’ Minds As They Head To The Polls
Inflation On Voters’ Minds As They Head To The Polls

Inflation On Voters’ Minds As They Head To The Polls

With early voting in certain states beginning, NewsNation talked with people on Thursday about the top problems motivating them to vote.

Inflation may still be a major concern for many people. According to a NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll conducted earlier this month, around 94% of voters are somewhat or very concerned about the health of the economy. Almost half of those polled stated inflation was the most significant issue influencing their vote.

“I have five children,” remarked voter Margaret Williams. “One college student and four at-home children.” Feeding them is becoming too expensive.”

Others agree that the problem influences their life.

“We had to cut back on a few things,” Corbin Wisniewski explained. So, “We can still obtain some things.” Maybe we’ll grab the off-brand cereal.”

Abortion was also widely mentioned, with some voters basing their vote this year on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“As a mother, it irritates me that someone can say, ‘hey, you can’t do this. Or, you have to do that,'” said Georgia voter Courtney Smith.

NewsNation discovered that crime, immigration, and energy policy were all hot topics.

More individuals will decide what is most important to them in less than a month until Election Day.

“I need someone with their finger on the pulse,” Georgia resident Alfreida Capers remarked. So, “I need somebody who knows how to deal with people and understands their difficulties.”

In-person early voting will begin next week in Alaska, West Virginia, and Arkansas.

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