Pence: Biden ought to encourage the protesters in China more
Pence: Biden ought to encourage the protesters in China more

Pence: Biden ought to encourage the protesters in China more

In an exclusive interview with NewsNation’s “On Balance with Leland Vittert,” former Vice President Mike Pence claimed that President Joe Biden is passing up a chance to back anti-Communism demonstrations in China.

“I’m not happy with the stance the (Biden) administration is adopting,” he said.”Now more than ever, we should be advocating for freedom, loving people everywhere, and supporting those who are doing so, especially in the People’s Republic of China.”

Following a fatal apartment building fire, irate protests have erupted across China and Hong Kong, asking for an end to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and, in some cases. The Chinese Communist Party itself.

You must understand that the Chinese Communist Party is in charge of the biggest police state in the world. Their surveillance capabilities resemble Big Brother, according to Pence. The fact that so many people are protesting in the streets is a true act of political bravery on their side, and they are putting their lives or the lives of their families in danger.

Perhaps as a result of the tense relationship between the two superpowers, the Biden administration has been noticeably silent on the matter. President Joe Biden has yet to issue a remark or tweet, while the National Security Council spokeswoman was only moderately critical of China’s “Zero COVID” policy.

According to a U.S. official familiar with the situation, Politico reported that the Biden administration considered a number of factors before deciding how to respond, including how China “could lead the Chinese government to turn the focus on the United States and allege ‘foreign interference’ instead of addressing the frustrations of the protesters.”The United States supports the right to peaceful protest, according to NSC communications strategy John Kirby in a press briefing on Monday.

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Pence, meanwhile, claimed that Biden’s response is reminiscent of the Obama administration’s cautious stance during widespread protests in Iran. Where the populace erupted in the streets and demanded Democracy following a contentious election.

Known as “The Green Movement,” large-scale protests and acts of civil disobedience persisted until February 14, 2010. When an effort to hold a gathering was violently put down, according to Al Jazeera.

Since President Obama declined to support those calling for democracy in Iran. It required Joe Lieberman, John McCain, me, and Howard Berman to write a resolution in the Congress, according to Pence.

The stakes are high for both Biden and Xi Jinping. The leader of China, who recently had their first face-to-face meeting since the 2020 presidential election. The primarily symbolic meeting was praised, but the world’s two largest economies will likely continue to be suspicious of one another in the years to come due to economic competitiveness and ideological disagreements.

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