Poll: GOP Chances To Retake Home, Senate Improving
Poll: GOP Chances To Retake Home, Senate Improving

Poll: GOP Chances To Retake Home, Senate Improving

In crucial battleground contests throughout the nation, Republican momentum has been slipping in the poll with only two weeks until the midterm elections.

Democrats now have a 55% probability of holding onto the Senate, down from 71% last month, according to FiveThirtyEight Politics.

Senate Chances


Democrats – 56%

Republicans – 44%


Democrats – 70%

Republicans – 30%

And Republicans contain an 80% chance to win back the Home, up from 68% last month.

Home Chances


Republicans 75%

Democrats 25%


Republicans 65%

Democrats 35%

The economy is one of the top factors contributing to the perception that Republicans are gaining ground.

Republicans’ key campaign concerns have been the economy, inflation, and crime. In contrast, Democrats have mostly concentrated on abortion rights and dangers to democracy. So, their track record of delivering significant legislation this summer.

Even if it first succeeded, Democrats’ summertime momentum appears to wane

Even the Democratic Team of the House, Nancy Pelosi, remains optimistic. Thus, Democrats will perform well in the November elections. So, it admits they could be losing the economic message battle.

Although there is inflation, it is not as severe as it is in certain nations, according to Pelosi. The following three weeks will require a better message.

A few Democrats did caution their party not to focus only on the abortion debate over the summer. Once, Roe v. Wade was overruled by the Supreme Court.

They said it was crucial to discuss but needed to be accompanied by a Democratic argument for why they are superior in the economy. That didn’t happen in many instances.

On the other side, Republicans continue to argue their position about the economy and inflation.

Barack Obama and Donald Trump, both former presidents, are campaigning for candidates in their respective parties.

Obama has only recently joined the rallies that Trump has been holding all summer.

Trump reiterated last night his intention to work for president again in 2024.

I ran two times. “Twice I won,” he boasted. “I performed far better the second time than the first.” I’ll probably have to repeat the process to restore our nation’s glory, prosperity, and safety.

Obama cut advertisements for Wisconsin Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes and Pennsylvania Senate hopeful John Fetterman as the Democratic surrogate ramps up his political engagement in front of the November midterm elections.,,

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