Step By Step Hello Kitty Drawing With Kids | Tutorial
Step By Step Hello Kitty Drawing With Kids | Tutorial

Step By Step Hello Kitty Drawing With Kids | Tutorial

Drawing With Kids Despite being small and having a cute appearance, Hello Kitty has gained popularity all over the globe. Since her debut in 1974, Hello Kitty has appeared on numerous apparel, accessories, and toys.

Tutorial for drawing Hello Kitty

Drawing With Kid’s distinctive style is easily recognized thanks to its simple yet effective design, and learning to draw Hello Kitty is fun.

You should read the full guide to see how easy and fun it can be to recreate this iconic feline.

You can learn how to draw Hello Kitty by following our step-by-step guide in just six easy steps.

Let’s get to work on learning how to sketch Hello Kitty!


  • One of the most familiar elements of the design is her tiny flower perched atop her head. No lesson on how to draw Hello Kitty would be complete without this bow, so we will sketch it now.
  • You can trace a tiny circle in the middle of the bow. Since it doesn’t have to be a precise circle, drawing it by hand will work well!
  • Draw a curved line from the ends of each of the bow’s wings. Draw more minuscule lines inside these wings to depict the bow’s creases.


  • Sketch Hello Kitty’s skull.
  • Although the ribbon plays a significant role in the Hello Kitty design, it is not the only distinguishing characteristic of the animated character.
  • She is known for having a big, round head, so we’ll also show that here.
  • Keep the bow you drew in the first stage at the top right corner of your head as you draw.
  • The central part of her head is shown as a large, rounded circle. The ears will then be positioned relatively far apart on the top sides of the head.
  • A few rounded-top triangle shapes will represent these. The one on the right will be immediately behind the bow from the first step.


  • Next, make the body of Hello Kitty.
  • We’ll start drawing the body in this section of our Hello Kitty drawing tutorial and complete it later.
  • Her head is a little bigger than her torso, which comprises some pretty straightforward shapes. You can make the character’s small, rounded body by using curved lines that branch out from the skull. Her arms are depicted by the main curved lines, with the right one lifted in a wave.


  • Don’t forget the sideburns.
  • The fourth section of your Hello Kitty drawing will be reasonably simple. All you will do at this point is add a few whiskers to her visage.
  • This step can be completed by adding three straight lines to the cheeks of the model.
  • That’s all there is to it, and the next step is where you add any final specifics.


  • Now you can complete your Hello Kitty drawing.
  • We still need to add a few more details to this part of our tutorial on how to sketch Hello Kitty, but you’ll soon be able to color your drawing.
  • She needs to have her face finished first. However, this is a simple task! Two tiny solid-black ovals represent her eyes. These will be relatively widely spaced and near the sides of her head.
  • You can represent her straight forehead by creating an oval shape between her eyes. You can now sketch her legs after taking care of her visage.
  • Additionally, this will be very easy! Only a straight line across her midsection near the base is required.
  • The sketch has a vertical line running down the middle to symbolize her legs. This guide’s final bit of information is handled that way, but feel free to add more!
  • One suggestion for making this Hello Kitty sketch appear finished is to add a cute background. Additionally, you could draw some intriguing additions and trinkets for her.
  • What amusing finishing flourishes can you imagine giving your Hello Kitty drawing?


  • Add color to the sketch of Hello Kitty to complete it.
  • It’s time to add color to your completed Hello Kitty drawing so she can come to life!
  • It’s up to you to create your version of Hello Kitty, which has undergone many design, color, and style changes over the years.
  • You can express your creativity as you color, giving Hello Kitty an excellent new appearance. We chose a pink color scheme for her in our reference picture because Hello Kitty is frequently associated with this hue.
  • You could use any of your preferred colors instead of this traditional color scheme.
  • Using tools like colored pens, markers, or paint can produce unique colors that stand out for a picture like this.
  • By using some watercolors, colored pencils, or pastels, you could also go for a more vintage appearance.

What color scheme will you use to create Hello Kitty?

  • Here are some tips for improving your Hello Kitty drawing:
    You can enhance this adorable Hello Kitty drawing with these enjoyable and simple suggestions.
  • Characters linked with style and fashion include Hello Kitty. In this Hello Kitty sketch, we kept the style a little more straightforward, but if you wanted, you could give her a little makeover!
  • This might be as easy as adding a small image or logo to her clothing. It might even be as complicated as getting her brand-new attire!
  • If you do this, will you recreate her previous appearance, or will you give her a completely new one?

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