The Best Place to See Celebrities in California -
The Best Place to See Celebrities in California

The Best Place to See Celebrities in California

California is an alluring place, whether you have

dreams of being on the big screen or are content to catch a glimpse of a star

or two.

Movie making pioneers found the perfect storm when they landed in the area to make their films: Good climate, varied terrain, plenty of sun, and a landscape of laborers ready to put in the work to produce films. 

It’s now littered with filming lots and studios, entertainment venues, and historic places that tell the history of film.

It’s also laden with the industry’s top stars who you can simply run into on the street.

If you’re looking at Los Angeles homes for sale, hang around these spots within the city as they are the best chance at a celebrity sighting.

Runyon Canyon

No, it’s not a hot restaurant or glitzy bar that’ll up your chances at seeing a star, but a hiking spot.

Runyon Canyon is a favorite hiking and exercise spot among locals. People like Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, and Justin Bieber have been spotted here enjoying the fresh air.

Throw on your best hiking shoes and get moving.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This famous LA hangout has been a notable spot for celebrities for decades. Stars will not only stay in the stunning Spanish Colonial revival rooms, but hang out around the property in places like the Tropicana Pool and Café or Library Bar.

The Spare Room and Teddy’s are two of the hotels hopping night club spots, and Public Kitchen and Bar is where folks sit down to enjoy a meal.


The classic American fare here is incredible and the atmosphere is fantastic – making it the perfect spot for celebs to have a night out.

It was once noted by comedian Jeff Ross as “The Olive Garden for celebrities.”

All Time

This is a spot for the “chiller” celebrities, like Aubrey Plaza and Florence Pugh, who want to have a quiet meal of good-for-you food and maybe bring their dog along.

Beauty & Essex

This is the west coast iteration of an east coast spot, one frequented by musical A-listers such as Beyonce and The Weeknd. It’s located in the Dream Hotel and serves multi-ethnic dishes in both indoor and outdoor dining areas. 

TCL Chinese Theatres

This is one where you can plan your sighting out instead of leaving it to chance.

This is one of the most popular places in the city for film premieres and one place where you can sidle up alongside the paparazzi to catch a snapshot of an actor or two.

If no one’s there, you can still check out the handprints of film greats Marilyn Monroe, Burt Reynolds, and Keanu Reeves.

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Mr. Chow

If you want high class, head here. This Beverly Hills landmark is the epitome of opulent dining and all-out partying every night of the week.


Odds are, you’ve heard this name in the tabloids before as many stars have been photograph walking out these doors.

Nobu is a hassle to get into but the food makes it worth it. Be prepared to brave lurking paparazzi. But revel in the payoff as you see a parade of famous people going by.

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