Woman Kidnapped Two Times, Forced To Marry At Age 12
Woman Kidnapped Two Times, Forced To Marry At Age 12

Woman Kidnapped Two Times, Forced To Marry At Age 12

In the 1970s, Jan Broberg withstood an unusual kidnapping. So, it includes marriage to her next-door neighbour Robert Berchtold.

Berchtold, a neighbourhood Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leader, drugged and taught Broberg. At this time, she was simply 12 years of age. He informed her she might abduct by aliens. So, if she didn’t have his infant, her sister would go blind. And her father will murder her. Berchtold supposedly raped Broberg hundreds of times.

The pair was ultimately located in Mexico, and Broberg may take it home. Berchtold invested 45 days behind bars. And two years later, he kidnapped Broberg for a second time. The FBI then rescued Broberg in Pasadena, located in California. Hence, Berchtold can send to a mental health centre.

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Broberg shared her tale Thursday on NewsNation’s “Banfield” and also described that people don’t understand the degree to which a perpetrator will brush a family. Thus, they can prey upon the victim.

Broberg hoped she was one of the fortunate regardless of what happened to her

“I had a terrific youth until the minute this man strapped me to a bed, abducted me, and took me to Mexico,” she stated. “Those initial 12 years of my life were riding our bikes and doing all the important things children do, as he resembled a preferred uncle. We can discover how to cook and do ceramics from his youngsters. So, we’re all friends. We never had any factor in suspecting that something horrible similar to this was likely to take place.”

The book “Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Tale,” the 2019 Netflix docudrama “Abducted in Level View. And the most existing dramatization miniseries. Thus, “A Friend of the Family” on Peacock consists of details on Broberg’s life.

After the book may release, various other victims came forward. So, Berchtold took his very own life in November 2005.

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